LETS: Local Exchange Trading System

LETS South was set up in the Willunga area by a group of local people in 1989.

It is part of a worldwide system, started in Canada.

LETS systems are simple bartering systems using very old methods of exchange and barter in an organised way for modern life. In order to join and trade or barter you need to have some skills, services or goods to offer the bartering community.

Sometimes when people inquire about Membership they have the belief that they have nothing to offer. It is rare to find someone who does not have something they can trade or barter once a skills inventory is completed with them. This simply means looking at the jobs, hobbies and experiences they have had through their life which have equipped them with knowledge, skills and tradeable goods which they can barter in exchange for Barter Dollars ~ $B.

The real wealth of a community lies in the skills, knowledge and wisdom of it's members. In LETS we value and recognise those assets and place an emphasis on them that is sometimes lost in the monetary world. LETS is not limited by availability of cash or restricted by cash flow and is for anyone, whatever their income.

All are valued in a LETS System for what they do and provide the community. Although the rate of payment of $B may vary according to task, every skill is valued and some of the more basic ones more sought after than others.

LETS systems are about sharing and caring, being part of a community that helps itself and isn't burdened by the apathy of hard financial times. Enabling others, providing opportunities for work, learning and exchanging goods and skills all contribute to the empowerment of a community and enhance it's abilities to survive difficult times.

LETS enables community wealth. The real wealth of any community lies in what it's members have to offer each other and the community at large. This wealth survives depressions,recessions and economic downturns and in fact may be strengthened by them. When times are hard and money short, many find strengths,resources and new skills they didn't know they had which become essential for survival. LETS rewards those efforts and places a value on them. Once you have had a look at this LETS South website and see what LETS is about, you may decide you'd like to be part of our barter community.

If you think you have something to offer and something to gain by Membership of an active community group of like-minded people, please or email: enquiries@letssouth.com.au for an appointment to discuss your Membership application.

LETS South welcomes people of all ages, all abilities and skills.