Goals and Objectives

3.1 The object of the association is to provide the means for the exchange of goods and services in order to provide benefits, economically, socially, and individually for its members.
3.2 To promote the exchange of goods and services throughout the general community using the local exchange trading system.
3.3 In furtherance of its objects the association shall:
3.3.1 promote, co-ordinate and assist the development of the association.
3.3.2 develop appropriate policies, regulations and agreements for the administration of the association.
3.3.3 ensure that proper records are maintained in regard to details of membership and barter transactions within the association.
3.3.4 seek the support and involvement of individuals and community organizations who are sympathetic to the aims and objectives of the association.
3.3.5 encourage members to engage in the development and maintenance of skills that enable them to participate in normal employment situations or alternatively in barter transactions within the association.
3.3.6 encourage co-operative relationships between members and give expression to the advantages of collective approaches to increase benefits to individual members or member organisations.
3.3.7 compile and distribute a periodical newsletter to members which includes the names and contact details of members and their skills or which updates information previously provided to members.