How it works

how it works

LETS Members are a group of local people who pay an annual membership fee to belong to the association Lets South Local Exchange Trading System Inc. As members, they agree to abide by the rules (see the constitution) of the group. LETS South trades as Fleurieu Lets on the website

It is here that all members are listed, and offers and wants are accessed online through a password protected website. Once the membership fee is paid the new Member is able to start trading.

Services and goods are listed and are available to all Members.

Once selected, the Member phones or emails the Member offering the goods or service and makes arrangements for work to be done or goods provided. A price is agreed upon. Once the trade is completed the Member who has initiated the trade (the seller) debits the buyers account. The buyer receives an email stating the trade has been made. They buyer has 10 days to question the trade.

It is important to regularly update your listings as after a short period of time they will no longer appear.

All trades are recorded and accounts debited or credited through the website.

Unlike a banking system there is no advantage in saving $B as the system works best by keeping the $B circulating. Accounts are reviewed regularly to ensure members are trading fairly .New Members will be slightly in debit until they start having a 'take up' of their services or goods. Don't let this prevent you from beginning trading.

Any queries can be answered by asking any Member of the Committee or another Member. We're all here to help and get you trading.