Markets and Swaps

Community Veggie (or any produce), Books, CD's & DVD's, & Clothes Shares

  • Outside Green Room Café: 2nd, 4th (& 5th) Saturdays
  • At Green Light Eco Market 1st & 3rd Saturdays

Books only get read once. Don't have them collecting dust on the shelves. Bring them along and get some new treasures. You can drop books, etc in bags or boxes anytime onto Jeff Simmons' front veranda at 62 Aldinga Rd, Willunga, or bring to the share as close to 9am as possible to give a chance for things to be snapped up.

Gifting Circles:

Here is the chance to really engage with our wonderful community. First we have a potlatch (dinner share) where everyone contributes something to the meal. Then we talk about what resources we as individuals have available to share, such as:

Objects: dehydrators, trailers, lawn mowers, cars, tools, etc. Skills: advice on gardening, cooking, health, etc. Time: babysitting, dog walking, helping with shopping, etc.

We then tell what assistance we could do with or need.

For details, contact: Jeff Simmons


Phone: 8528 9113

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